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Our tailored brand packages account for your individual needs, to ensure that you get maximum creativity whilst still meeting your budget.


Keep reading to find out more about our brand packages or click below to get a quote.

Tailored brand packages
to suit your business

A primary logo design,

or word mark

Brand is much more than just a logo but your logo is the core visual for your business. It’s vital that your logo incorporates everything your business stands for.


Typography plays a huge part in the way your business communicates, so we take time selecting fonts and font weights that will work best for you and your message.

A simple colour palette

Narrowing down the use of colour creates another level of consistency, meaning that your brand will resonate more clearly with customers and strengthen your image within the marketplace.

Textures & supporting graphic elements

This could be a complex pattern or a simple colour overlay which is consistently used with photography. We make sure any textures can be replicated on everything from printed pieces, to your website and more.

Tone of voice

We help you define a personality for your business, by creating guidelines for communicating with your audience. This enables you to easily maintain consistency when putting marketing

material together.


We produce in-depth guidelines specifying the type of photography that should be used. Do you want people in your photos? Should you see their faces? Should pictures be posed or more dynamic? Are black and white images used as well as full colour?

Let's talk?

Our branding essentials checklist is what we recommend for new businesses looking to make their mark and existing business looking to re-brand. We also offer on-going support during your business growth by creating structured brand guidelines and developing your brand ever further.  Get in touch to get a tailored quote to suit your business needs.

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